Student Loan Bonds

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A New Hampshire Tale (Part 1)

The IRS Appeals office has dropped the examination of nine student loan bond issues of the New Hampshire Health and Education Facilities Authority. The examination had begun after the Authority entered but then withdrew from the IRS specialized “voluntary closing agreement program” for student loan bonds. The IRS created this targeted VCAP in 2012 as a standalone … Continue Reading

Qualified Student Loan Bonds

A Diminished Market, But Still Functioning in More Limited Ways The IRS issued Notice 2015-78 [link] (“2015 Student Loan Notice” or “Notice”) on November 13, 2015.  To some, it was unclear why the IRS would bother issuing any guidance for a narrow type of tax-exempt bond that is issued in a vastly diminished volume as … Continue Reading

Why Would the IRS Bother to Issue a Ruling About Student Loan Bonds Last Week? What Did the Ruling Tell Us?

Back in the 1980’s and 1990’s and even into the beginning of this century, student loan bonds were issued with great regularity and in a large dollar volume.  Then a single event in 2010 (described below) dramatically diminished the issuance of new money student loan bonds.  Given that diminished flow of student loan financings, why … Continue Reading