Hope you all had a nice summer – the blog is officially back from summer break. The Hutchinsons had a good one; we took Charlie to visit his grandparents at the beach in Pensacola, FL, where he went to Waffle House for the first time, and to visit his great-grandparents in Clinton, MS, where he went to Waffle House for the second time.

Back to business. The House Ways and Means Committee released three bills yesterday, which comprise something along the lines of “Tax Reform 2.0.” So far, the bills don’t mention tax-advantaged bonds in any way. However, as Congress hunts for revenue to pay for the permanent extension of various tax benefits in Tax Reform 1.0 (the Artist Formerly Known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act), we must all continue to monitor the legislative process. The rationale that Congress offered for eliminating tax-exempt private activity bonds last year is so thin that a cynic could infer that the real rationale was to raise revenue to pay for other provisions.

The bills are numbered H.R. 6760, H.R. 6757, and H.R. 6756.

Happy Birthday to Us!

Today is our fourth birthday.

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