Welcome to The Public Finance Tax Blog.

This is the first blog devoted exclusively to the tax issues of tax advantaged obligations of state and local governments – tax-exempt and tax credit bonds.

Some of you might see the fact that no blogs are devoted to this noble topic as a signal that there is no interest in it. (After all, we do appear to be approaching a point at which the internet contains every single thing that at least one person has ever been interested in, ever.) But the reality is that state and local governments, conduit borrowers, the bankers and advisors that serve them, trade associations, the financial and popular press, and those who buy these obligations could use a resource to help sort through the many tax issues relating to tax-advantaged debt.

Our goal is to become that resource. We want to be a one-stop shop for updates and analysis on the tax issues relating to tax-advantaged bonds (or muni bonds, or “103 law,” or muni-land, or whatever you prefer to call them in this area of tax law). We’ll keep you up to date on hot topics (hot being a relative term, of course). We’ll also discuss various common issues and problems that you may encounter in your daily practice. And although we make no promises, given the inherent limitations both of the subject matter and of us as tax lawyers, we are going to try to write with a style that doesn’t bore you to tears and, dare we say, might even be enjoyable to read.

You’ll see below that you have the ability to leave us comments. We hope that you’ll do that. We have an almost infinite capacity to listen to ourselves talk, but we’d much rather hear from you. If you have topics you’d like us to cover, post those in the comments too. Or you can always contact any of us at the email addresses next to our smiling faces on the right.

Off we go…