With stories about stimulus and relief  from COVID-19 swirling, municipal bond industry groups are springing into action to help Congress and Treasury help us all. NABL sent a letter on Sunday to Congress and Treasury, asking for broad relief on a number of tax topics affected by COVID-19. The request is stated in broad strokes (broad strokes, as in “home run strokes” – be sure to read it), and more details on the specifics are sure to follow.

Importantly, you (yes, You) can help. Please forward the letter (which is linked above and linked again here, to your Senator and Congressperson and request your colleagues and contacts to do the same.  You can find your Senator (or someone else’s) here and your Congressperson here. As we noted in our post last week, COVID-19 touches all sorts of tax rules and could cause all sorts of mayhem. It looks like relief is on its way – but, just like we did in 2017, we need to make our voices heard.

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