As we begin a new year with all the new self-set goals that will soon be forgotten, let us pause for a moment to review 2015, or at least, what transpired on the Public Finance Tax Blog. Below the break are some of the posts announcing new guidance from the IRS, some of our most popular posts, and a few light-hearted predictions for 2016.

Here is some of the key guidance released during 2015 that we posted about:

And below is a selection of popular posts from the year in case you missed them:

And what will the 2016 hold for us? Will there be new regulations to replace the “reasonable expectations test?” If so, will they rely on augury or MMA style arbitration?  Or perhaps (and more likely), will the SLGS window close and open again? And what will happen to direct pay bonds? Will it be better or worse than 2015?

Stay tuned.